Friday, November 25, 2011

Volunteers Needed for Ike Kuokoa

Ike Kuokoa – Liberating Knowledge
Over 125,000 pages of Hawaiian-language newspapers were printed from 1834 to 1948, equaling a million or more typescript pages of text. Perhaps the largest native-language cache in the western world, the newspapers were an intentional national repository of knowledge, opinion and historical progess as Hawaii moved through kingdom, constitutional monarchy, republic and territory, yet only 2% of that collection has been integrated into our English-speaking world today.
75,000 of the newspaper pages have been converted to digital images. 15,000 of which have been made into searchable typescript, but 60,000 pages remain unsearchable. For a decade we have used OCR and paid operators to make quality searchable text, educating every person connected with the process. The 15,000 pages showed the world the importance of this resource, but funding has continually dwindled. We face closure of the project or export of the work to Asia. Instead, we are enlisting an army of volunteers to type those pages word-for-word and make them all searchable. We plan to liberate knowledge from the archival dust because knowledge liberates everyone.
Volunteers Needed – Be a part of this historical Hawaiian legacy effort
No Language Skill Necessary!
Mounting a locally-based volunteer drive will be a massive effort, with thousands of volunteers and a central coordinating hub to engage volunteers and guide production for reliability and accuracy. The cost is higher than exporting the work and the effort is daunting but this allows for community engagement, personal investment in Hawaiian knowledge and Hawaii-centered kuleana in the product, supported by hands around the world.
Ike Kuokoa launches on November 28, 2011 (La Kuokoa since 1843) and will finish 60,000 pages on/before July 31, 2012 (La Hoihoi Ea). Up and web-searchable by La Kuokoa 2012.
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