Capacity Building

Our capacity building program for nonprofits is unique, as we offer a range of options to meet the needs of the range of nonprofit and community organizations in Hawai`i.

Pro Bono

Looking for pro bono services? Or not sure if you can pay? All our pro bono services are routed through AINA, a Hawai`i incorporated nonprofit organization. Contact Elmer Kaai at for more information on this program.

Fee for Service

We offer a range of services for nonprofit organizations, all of which can be paid for through a single fee (fixed payment), hourly rate, or through unbundled, separate services.

Services and rates include:


State incorporation
Fee: $500 + state incorporation fee

Governance documents (i.e., bylaws, conflict of interest policy, etc.)
Fee: $1,000

Form 1023 Application
Fee: $1,500 + IRS application fee

State Taxation Forms
Fee: $1,000 + state application fee

AG registration
Fee: $500 + state application fee

Organizational Compliance documents (i.e., minutes, 990PN, etc.)
Fee: $500

INCORPORTATION BUNDLE (all of the above services)
Fee: $3,500

Note: We offer additional services, please contact us for information on those.

Micro-Loan Program

This is our most exciting program. Recognizing that many nonprofit organizations do not have the resources to incorporate, yet may be able to acquire resources once they are a 501(c)(3) organization, we have developed a very unique micro-loan program designed to help community organizations develop and gain capacity. Through this program, `Āpuakēhau provides its exemplary services and covers the costs of incorporation up front, allowing the organization to focus on its growth and development.

Only select groups and organizations will be accepted for this unique program. Through this program, `Āpuakēhau will provide the services outlined in its INCORPORATION BUNDLE of services AND cover all the fees of incorporation. The organization then has two (2) years from the date of obtaining their 501(c)(3) status to pay `Āpuakēhau's fee.

Fee for micro-loan program: $5,000