In addition to `Āpuakēhau, there are other great community resources and vendors available to nonprofit organizations. All the resources listed here are resources we use.   We are aware that there are other resources out there, but if we don't use them, we won't list them. 
Free Resources

Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs

Registering (or incorporating) your organization and keeping up to date with your annual filings are done through the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA). This is an important office to know. We also love Business Action Centers. There are three: one on O`ahu, one in Hilo, and one on Maui.

Business Action Centers are one-stop shops for your business needs. We love them! We use them often. `Āpuakēhau was registed at one. While doing things online can be convenient, it is not for everyone, so BACs are a great alternative for those who still like to do things he alo e he alo. They also can help with a range of services, including obtaining a federal tax ID number (EIN) and obtaining your state tax license (GET).

More coming soon!

Vendors (a.k.a. Not Free Resources)

Note: These are vendors we know personally and love. We find them to have great integrity and to be valuable trusted resources.   We promise to beef up their bios when we have time. 

Technology and Innovation

Ryan Gonzalez 

Ryan Gonzalez (a.k.a. Gonzo) is a media technology specialist.  He's fantastic and can be reached at

John Garcia

John Garcia (who we met through Gonzo) is another media technology specialist.  He's also fantastic and can be reached at

He also has a website, which includes his resume.

Trever Asam  

As far as we're concerned, there is only Trever.  He's an outstanding attorney and worth every penny he charges.  (And he charges a great many pennies.)  He can be contacted

This also seems a fine moment to remind everyone that we don't provide legal advice.  Kehau is not a practicing attorney.  If you have legal questions or require legal advice, you need to contact and consult an attorney.

More coming soon!