`Āpuakēhau offers a wide range of services to nonprofit organizations in Hawai`i. Personally mentored and trained by one of the leading nonprofit attorneys in the United States, Trisha Kehaulani Watson, JD, PhD, is one of the leading nonprofit consultants in the State of Hawai`i. Dr. Watson has a long history of providing training and technical assistance to nonprofit agencies through Kāko`o `Ōiwi and Honua Consulting. Based on her extensive experiences and understanding of what nonprofit and community organizations in Hawai`i need to succeed, she has now formed `Āpuakēhau to provide professional, practical, and affordable management, compliance and consulting services for nonprofits and community groups.


Capacity Building

`Āpuakēhau offers the most unique capacity building model in Hawaii. Through offering a range of options, designed to meet the varied needs of nonprofits and community organizations through Hawai`i, `Āpuakēhau ensures that any organization can find the service option right for the organization. Please visit our capacity building page for more information.

Planning Services

`Āpuakēhau offers a variety of planning services to guide organizations in developing clear goals, objectives, strategies and action steps. We tailor our planning to the organization, its work culture, and resources.

Assessment and Evaluation

As a successful program managers for many years, `Āpuakēhau offers real world experience in dealing with assessment and evaluation in projects and organizations. We work closely with clients to design, gather, and report data essential for program success and organizational sustainability.

Nonprofit Board Development

Nonprofit Board Development is a critical issue for Hawaii's nonprofit and community organization. Rather than treating board membership as a burden, `Āpuakēhau treats it as an opportunity for leadership development and community capacity building. Boards are often opportunities for communities to groom future leadership and plan for long term sustainability. We offer Board Development that is both sound in nonprofit compliance issues and cultural richness.

Professional Development

Our professional development services are as dynamic as organizations themselves, ranging from staff training through volunteer development and training. We have administrative experience and youthful skills, like social media development. From marketing to accounting, we help your staff and community learn it all!


Compliance is a critical issue in nonprofit organizations. With our extensive legal expertise, we have extensive resources to help community organizations sort through the complex world of legal compliance.

Fund Development

From grant writing to donor services, we help organizations explore all their funding options. Our goal to make sure nonprofits plan for their long-term financial sustainability by pursuing all available options for external resources.

Administration and Human Resources

Too small to develop human resources yet?  `Āpuakēhau offers human resources and adminstration services to nonprofit organizations.  We help keep organizations compliant with labor and human resources laws while developing their capacity. 

Marketing and Social Media

Struggling to get the word out about your services?  We can help with that.  We work with a group of organizations and thereby leverage marketing to help organizations maintain outreach, education and marketing with limited budgets.